Donovan Donnell

Life Coach Trainer

 As simply as i can say it, “iAm energy wrapped in flesh.” A combination of earth and divinity.  iRegard myCreator as my top priority and iAcknowledge Jesus Christ as my personal Lord & Savior.

             iAm 36, Gods Vessel & eager to learn all that iCan so that iMay more effectively share my gift with those in this generation and the generations to come.  iAm a man who values creativity , relationships & consciousness.  iAm who iWas created to be & that to me is a great accomplishment.

                iOperate as a professional LifeCoach & received my training through the “Awyken” Life Coaching Organization.  I’ve also written a book entitled, “Before the iDo”, which was published in 2014.  This book is the corner stone training material for my Relationship Consulting / Coaching Service.  It is in that area of my purpose that iPrepare my clientele for marriage, be it their first, second or third leap of faith.  iBelieve iAm gifted in communication, so with that belief, Public Speaking with an emphasis on education & motivation is an arena iFrequent.  iAm often hired to Coach & Speak for the purpose of  “Leadership Development”, “bridging generational gaps” & other “hierarchy gaps”.  iAm also often called upon to provide employees and share holders with a “clearer understanding” of their companies *mission & *intentions & in hopes to elevate morale, improve workplace relations & increase profit.

                 With my passion for art i’ve been known to pick up my Camera (Canon 5D) on occasion to capture anything from my signature “Art Therapy” to basic head shots. Get more information on that at .  All these things are fun, but iGet no greater joy than when iGet to volunteer and share my gifts with the inner city youth at “Destined Youth” in Hawthorne California and the D.I.S.H. suicide prevention group in Culver City, California.