Olga Lopez

Life Coach Trainer

Life Coach Olga Lopez is a giver of self with a tremendous passion and zeal for helping people to overcome challenges, reach goals, develop an action plan, discover who they are and what they are purposed to do!

Ms. Olga’s experience includes working in the public and private sector. She poses a degree in Human Services, has twenty-two years of Administrative experience, has been an educator for seven years, was a school Administrator for five and is presently an independent contractor providing Project Management services in addition to Life Coaching. Ms. Olga has been facilitating multi-cultural, multigenerational life groups within faith based organizations since 2009 and joined the Awyken team as a certified Life Coach in 2014.

As a professional life coach Ms. Olga has been transforming lives through her dedication to coaching and passion for activating purpose! She is a true depiction of one who gives of themselves to encourage, model and empower others to drive change. Time with her is truly time well spent!