Saundra McClain

Life Coach Trainer

Saundra is dedicated to empowering her clients to discover their unique gifts. Figure out their values and align life to them. Obstacles clients may want resolved include; unforgiveness, anger, resentment, anxiety, fear, guilt, excessive grief or under-employment.  We will work to build your confidence, find a balance, take deep breaths, relax and become content with your world. Our goal is for every client to S.O.A.R (Succeed, Overcome, Accept, Refocus).

Saundra McClain is the CEO of “I Balance Lives” and began Coaching in 2005. She is a Life Balance and Relationship Specialist. Saundra is a Certified Life Coach and Mentor with Awyken and Life Purpose Institute Passionate about clients becoming their best version of themselves and living a happier free life.  Let’s Get Unstuck, Tomorrow is Gone – the Best is Yet to Come!!